• Why Social Media Is A Must, and How it Helps SEO

    What is Social Media?

    Social media is the way we connect, share, and socialize via online communities and networks.  Multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn, have been created to allow their users to share their comments, pictures, videos, and to connect with one another online.  Social media is changing the world into a highly connected place, where physical distance is quickly becoming irrelevant.  Platforms such as Twitter are used to instantaneously send messages around the world, allowing information to travel far faster than it ever has before.  It is hard to ignore the presence of social media in today’s world.  One can hardly sit down to watch a TV show without seeing a commercial that at some time asks you to “Like” a company Facebook page.  There is no doubt in our mind that social media is quickly changing the way we market our products and services....

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