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Why Magento?

Does your company sell products online?
Do you need an eCommerce platform that can scale with your companies growth?

Enter Magento.  A powerful, scalable enterprise-class eCommerce platform that can help your company expand it's online sales capability.  Being designed solely for eCommerce, the Magento platform provides its users with all the tools they need to start selling.  
We at Oxley have the skills and experience required to provide your company with a Magento website.  Some of the biggest reasons we recommend using Magento for your eCommerce website are:

  • Magento is designed specifically for eCommerce.
  • Magento is flexible and powerful.
  • Highly customizable product and category options.
  • Magento has hundreds of free and premium extensions available to expand your stores capabilities.

A few of the companies that use Magento for their online store are Nike, Easton, RosettaStone, OfficeMax, Vizio, MensHealth, Zumiez and Olympus. Check out more on

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