Google's Handy Reverse Image Search

Have you ever found an awesome image while searching for images on Google, just to discover that it is too small to use?  Well the good news is if a larger version exists, Google has made it easier than ever to find thanks to their “reverse image search”.  What is a “reverse image search” you ask?  The simple answer is instead of using words to search for an image, you’re going to use an image to search for images like the one you searched.

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Optimizing Your Images for Search

Today more than ever, images are being used as part an integral part of website design, and social media interaction. Society demands these images be high quality, and relevant to the content. As these images become a bigger part of the website design process, it is important to remember that a search engine’s web-crawler cannot view the content of this image, but will instead read it as source code... That being said, there are a few things you can do to optimize your images for search engines.

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