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Why Wordpress?

Wordpress is a very popular, open-source, content management mainly utilized by small businesses and blog-style websites. Supported by a huge community of developers, Wordpress is utilized by companies such as the New York Times, Vogue, and Sony Music. Like Drupal, the fact the Wordpress is open-source means that you can use thousands of free plugins and widgets all without having to pay a licensing fee, regardless of the size of your company. Because of its ever-growing popularity and massive collection of plugins, choosing Wordpress as your CMS basically means that your website is limited only by your imagination. It's a great CMS for small and medium sizes businesses that want to maintain their website content without having to know html coding or rely heavily on a webmaster.

We at Oxley have experience both with designing and updating Wordpress websites as well as developing and working with custom Wordpress plugins. We recommend using Wordpress because it is:

  • Easy to edit and post content.
  • Easy to update and upgrade.
  • Supported by a huge community of designers and developers.

Check out more on Wordpress.com.

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