The Importance of High Quality and Relevant Content

As an SEO and website design company, we at Oxley Internet Solutions are often asked about what is considered to be good, high quality content.  According to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines one of the best ways to create high quality content is to “make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.”  After all, it is the users who will be will be buying your product or service, not search engines.

If one thinks about the purpose of a search engine, they will quickly realize that it is in the best interest of a search engine to provide their users with the most relevant results as close to the top of the SERP, else the user becomes dissatisfied with the results and begins to use a different search engine.  This being said, one can now realize that it is in their own best interest to provide the users on their website with the information they are looking for in the quickest manner possible.  Having high quality content that satisfies your users is usually the best way to keep them coming back to your website.

Google suggests via their Webmaster Guidelines Page that webmasters create a site that is useful, information-rich, and relevant.  Google suggests that webmasters write pages that clearly and accurately describe their content or purpose, and they also suggest that webmasters think about the words (keywords) that people would use to search for their website, and to make sure that the copy they use actually includes these words in it.  Of course, Google is not condoning any sort of keyword spamming, but they do realize that it is usually best for people to just spell out what their company/website is about.

Remember to create content for your users, not search engines, and remember to include the important keywords in your text where it is needed.  Don’t assume people will know what your website is about, spell it out for them. Keeping your content relevant and designing your website for your users is one of the best ways to get your website shared via social media which can be a great way to boost your presence on the web, and can even help boost your SEO efforts.

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